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The 2B Pictures Flmmaking Podcast is a Filmmakers podcast put together by independent filmmakers Michael & Michele Bekemeyer, telling the story of their own independant feature film called "Playback". We will be using what we learned durring the production of our film to help filmmakers who want to make their own film get started off on the right track.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2B Pictures Video Extra: The Middle Man

This is the long awaited, award winning short film that started it all. It was this short film that convinced us "Playback" was possible. We hope you enjoy it. It's definitely okay to laugh, because it's supposed to be funny. Let us know how you like it.

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Watch it here.


At 2:36 AM, Blogger Garage said...

I just watched most of "The Middle Man." It was obviously professionally done. Good edits, lighting, sound, even solid acting. Even the dialog, for the most part, was realistic.

My only question is, why was it made? The story is slim, the 'tension' that many movies and shorts have that usually makes a viewer want to continue watching (What's going to happen next? What will happen to these people?) is absent, for me at least.

I found myself cleaning my desk about when the one character says AIDS and cancer (?) have a better PR department and he's going to start his own non-profit. It's not a good sign when your audience would rather be cleaning their desks than watch the movie.

"The Middle Man" left me... cold. Sorry.

That said, I saw your trailer for "Playback" and that was great. Exciting, pounding. I'm looking forward to seeing "Playback."

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Admin said...

Thank you for watching the middle man. In some ways I agree with you. I have always thought the film was a bit too long. And it even feels like it doesn't even get "funny" until a few minutes in to the film and at that point the audience may have been lost.

That being said, I am proud of this film. It was my first attempt at directing something fictional, with a little more artistic integrity and I learned a lot while making this film.

I am glad you watched it and I hope you have a cleaner workspace now too.

you might want too check out Feather Warrior on our website. It's shorter and I think it's more fun to watch. it's still under construction, so it's not quite perfect yet, so be warned.

thanks again.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Garage said...

I saw Feather Warrior some time ago. Funny, cute, well done. Everything. You must be good with kids. Nice short.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Admin said...

Glad you liked Feather Warrior. I would like to say that I am good with kids. I have kids, so I guess i might be used to them. But, for this shorti wrote the part for my very own daughter, Molly. So I may have known just what she would be good at. Like me, she lives in a world completely in her head, so she's good at playing pretend. There are a few more shots i want to add to this film, then I'll podcast it with a comentary, or something like that.

I am glad to know that there is someone out there listening and watching. It gets quiet sometime and if it weren't for our stats, I think we would wonder who was out there.

Thanks again.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger razboy said...


I've watched "The Middle Man" twice now, and really enjoyed the subtle and subversive humor. The acting was solid all around and the "Bo" Heamoth character had me laughing my ass off! Great job overall! I'm a longtime listener and fan of the podcast and find your candid insights into the filmmaking process both refreshing and inspiring in ways that keep that creative spark lit when tackling my own film projects. You and Michelle keep fighting the good fight and I'm looking forward to the completion of "Playback"!

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Admin said...

Thank you very much. The Amazing thing about the middle man, to me at least, is that there are no real actors in the parts. the bo hemoth character is my little brother and he was essentially playing an extension of himself. i egged him on just a little bit.

he always gets the biggest laugh, which does his ego well.

thanks for listening and we are glad you liked the film.



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